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The receiver’s reaction to the message provides feedback to the sender. This is the set of reactions after seeing, hearing, or reading the message.

The receiver’s reciprocation is the feedback and lets the sender know the message was getting decoded and received.

A form of feedback in an interpersonal selling situation could be questions, comments, or any reactions (such as expressions) about the message.

In mass media, an indication about the marketing communications was perceived is the number of sales after the message has been sent.

There are many different ways such as attitude change, store visits, and inquiries that provide feedback in mass media.

Feedback can help to improve the communication process and the success of future messages.[14] The receiver’s particular type of reaction after seeing, hearing, or reading a message is known as a response. Receivers’ responses can range from either nonnoticeable actions or noticeable actions.

Non-noticeable responses can be storing their information in memory and noticeable responses are immediate action.

Such as dialing the commercial’s number to order a product advertised on television.

One of the main goals of communication is receiving appropriate receiver responses, feedback closes the loop in the communications flow.

Monitor your work

And lets the sender monitor how the intended message is being decoded and received.

To achieve this goal one can ask indirectly or directly for the response, or assist the receiver in giving the response.

Receiving feedback can be more difficult for parties that advertise through the channels of mass media because advertisers are not in direct contact with their customers.

And other methods must be obtained to determine how their messages have been received.

While the critical form of feedback happens through sales, it is often hard to show a direct relationship between advertising and purchase behavior.

So marketers; visit stores, check coupon redemption, use reply cards and listen to customer inquiries to achieve feedback.

Once a significant amount of feedback or response study has been gathered by advertisers would then have enough information to determine reasons for success or failure in the communication process and from there they can make appropriate adjustments.

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