How to market your article ?

There are many article writers in this world but few are finding it difficult to Promote their creations.

The way they select to promote their content or information products will become Physical or digital products. The creators have great thinking and have a high vision to transform their thoughts to all, to see the change or trend in the society.

Most of the writers might have published their creations in the form of physical books. But the scenario is changing very fast to the digital world.

Readers are comfortable with digital products like there are online product sales delivered at the doorstep.

We go out and eat food, But you can order food from your favorite restaurant and the same will be delivered to your doorstep.

Many companies are asking the feedback about their service from the customers, Whish again helps them to increase their business.  Few customers visit the place and share their reviews with the star rate in google. In total it’s all about Service and testimony or review take your products to the BUY now stage.


You don’t need to carry physical books while traveling, can read a digital book on the Internet.
Earlier Gurukulam was educating students offline, But there are plenty of online classes are supporting students to equip.
Groceries, travel tickets, and pick up and drop from your doorstep cabs services are all online.
A few online sites are – Bigbasket, Amazon, Mamaearth, Myntra, BLM BAZAAR, Tamilbuys and there are many
Now what to say, writers have plenty of opportunities to publish their books and on the other hand, there are plenty of opportunities to write.
Once your writing part is over, it is always advisable to check
Plagiarism checker sites like:-

— Utilizing resources is an art, writers always do creative things and they create a new resource for others. A new resource might have arrived after deep research from various resources and collecting may information which can not be imaginable by the readers.

Keep the secret and revealing at the final hour presentations are the art of technology for many writers. Anybody can write, you can write, yes, it is possible to contribute good quality content to this wonderful society.
So why wait, start your script with short notes, take one problem from your niche and give unexpected solutions to your readers. You will be amazed to see the results and you will become an awesome writer by step by step formula.
You can call us and we are here to guide you. You are going to write, we are going to promote and finally, you are going to earn.
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