The Spiritual CEO

The Spiritual CEO

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The Spiritual CEO

The world is going through a tremendous transformation, perhaps even a metamorphosis. It is no longer acceptable to stand on the sidelines, balancing balance sheets and cheque books. The time has come for leaders and CEOs to meld their success and that of their businesses with the qualities of spiritual awareness and compassion.

The Spiritual CEO makes a concrete case for running businesses with greater integrity and ethics, and inculcating spiritual values into corporate culture, starting with the CEO and trickling down to every employee in the organisation.

Exploring concepts like Korporate Karma, Spiritual Alchemy, Corporate and Spiritual TBL (triple bottom line), Korporate DNA and the positive influence of tradition, values and beliefs on businesses, this book opens our collective eyes to the urgent need for change. It also includes practical solutions and tangible guidance on how a CEO—and indeed every business leader—can adapt to the new world and its reality.

The Spiritual CEO is a roadmap for how to build a better business, live a better life and make a bigger impact—all through the simple practice of Korporate Karma. Distilling the ancient wisdom of the Gita and learnings from the Vedas and other spiritual texts, author S. Prakash explains how centering the spiritual being clears the path to greater success in both businesses and personal lives.